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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Why bother going into too much detail....

...because there's really not much I can say about last night's Arcade Fire show that won't already be said by 800 NYC area bloggers with more time on their hands than I :). But suffice it to say, in terms of living up to the hype constantly so heaped onto their live show, the band delivered and then some. The Arcade Fire do things in a live setting that most bands don't attempt; like pretending to beat up on each other with drum sticks and whacking the heck out of random cymbals and stage monitors while screaming, despite the fact that said cymbals aren't miked and can't really be heard outside of the first row. As cliche as this sounds-they really appear to feel their music, man. Any one member of the band always appears to be freaking out with his/her eyes rolling in the back of their head at any given time. Usually two members, actually. Everyone trades instruments, everyone onstage appears to be playing the set like their lives depended on it, and yeah, David Byrne came out for the "Naive Melody" encore. I'm still not in love with the way AF plays this song-they can't quite emulate the utter bounciness so crucial to the original-but their effort is laudable. Man, David Byrne is old....his hair is so shockingly white you'd think he actually supplements it with white dye or something. All told, a fantastic show from a band that has plenty of potential to do even greater things.

Oh yeah, openers "Man Man" were plenty interesting as well, at least for a half hour (then they got annoying). Think Tom Waits meets Black Dice meets a backwoods version of Out Hud. Wierdo kids from Philly emulating Southern hicks with multiple percussion sets onstage and a bearded guy who played trumpet, clarinet, and flugelhorn. I have to hear their record.


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