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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Back, back, back....

It's been nearly a week since SoF has been updated, which I attribute to an absolutely brutal work week (and this one could be just as bad). I have never valued the weekend so much in my young existence. Apologies.

Despite Mets spring training games being on for nearly two weeks now, this afternoon was the first time I was actually able to watch one, on account of it being on the WB. I treat spring training games on tv like all tv golf that isn't The Masters or U.S. Open; interesting for about 30 minutes, then pleasant background noise. Studly pitcher Kris Benson hurled a very solid 4-innings, and Tom "fuck modesty" Seaver didn't annoy me nearly as much as he usually does, probably only because I was just grateful to watch baseball on the tube again. He and Ted Robinson spent the entire afternoon discussing Tiger-hall of famer Al Kaline; more or less oblivious to what was happening on the field.

One of my closest friends from high school plays bass in a Providence, RI based ska-pop/college-y rock band called Zox. Though I'm not a huge fan of the genre, Zox is very good at what they do, and they played a fine gig at the Tribeca Rock Club this past Saturday. The TRC is hardly one of my favorite venues; structured like a railroad-style apartment and featuring surly older barmaids who do not give you your 6 dollar Heinekens with a smile. Fortunately, they seldom book any bands that I'm dying to see (mostly jamrock and middling blues bands), and the crowd is always comprised of drunk kids about seven years younger than I, which I find amusing. I'm assuming they don't card.

I've been listening to the Kaiser Chiefs record for about a week now (officially out this Tuesday), and I'm convinced that people who claim to enjoy Brit-pop, but have an aversion to this band need to lighten up. It's as pure a single-oriented Brit-pop record as I've heard in some time. Immaculate production, and every song is baited with multiple hooks. Minimal depth, but maximum pogo-action. I'm bummed I didn't get a ticket to their Bowery Ballroom show.

The NY Times printed a very interesting article (registration required) today about a new music venue opening in April on 2nd and Avenue C called "The Stone." The operation is run by John Zorn, and sounds to be very much in the vein of Tonic should that place be forced to call it a day. Apparently all of the ticket money is going directly to the musicians, and the only thing they plan to sell onsite is exclusive live CD's (eg, no booze).

Finally, I just finished reading the Anthony Kiedis autobiography Scar Tissue, a book that I, rest assured, would have never purchased had the girlfriend not thought it cute to buy me a copy for Valentine's Day. It was actually a rather amusing read in a guilty pleasure sense, although I have to wonder how AK was able to remember all of the stuff that goes on in the book, considering that he's either shooting up or smoking crack cocaine every three pages (it's to his credit that he didn't seem nearly as fucked up in RHCP Behind the Music). I won't give too much of the game away for those that think they might be interested in reading, but I will offer this-I had no idea that "I Could Have Lied" is basically about Kiedis's failed attempt at bedding Sinead O'Connor ("Flea and I loved The Lion and the Cobra, and she was this tough bald chick in combat boots"). Now I think I need to read Marilyn Manson's autobiography.


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