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Friday, March 25, 2005

Birthday Wishes...

To Tommy Glavine who turns 39 today. Only 38 wins to go to reach 300 dude!

OneLouder reports that tickets for New Order, May 5th at the Hammerstein Ballroom go onsale next Friday (April Fools day in fact). Between that show, and Decemberists at IP the day before, the first week o' May is looking fun indeed.

Completely off topic from music and/or Mets baseball, March 25th holds an interesting spot in the hearts of landlord/tenant lawyers like this blogger, or NYC history buffs w/ a taste for the macabre. March 25th is the day that Triangle Factory Fire broke out in 1911, as well as the day of the tragic Happyland Social Club inferno in 1990. There's memorials going on in the city right now as we speak. Don't say SoF never teaches you anything. Back to work....


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