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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

First Impressions....

Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze - Listened to the first half about 4 times, second half (as in, beginning with "Someone's In the Wolf") twiece. Better than I would have expected. I don't miss Nick Oliveri at all. There's a run of songs in the middle of the record...."Burn the Witch," "In My Head," "Little Sister," "I Never Came," and the aformentioned "Wolf" that's practically flawless in terms of both hooks and badass geetar playing. I find it hilarious and a little unsettling that Josh Homme actually utters the word 'p-ssy' in the rockin' kiss off "Broken Box." I mean, with that title, I guess it should be expected, but it comes out of nowhere.

The Decemberists - Picaresque -Listened to it all the way through twice. I realize that the phrase 'first impressions' is a little silly considering this leaked ages ago, but good soldier that I am, excepting "The Infanta", I had never heard the record until its release yesterday. This appears to be pretty great too. Far more dynamic than the band's prior releases with nary a reason to press the skip button. Heavier instrumentation, a couple of songs that sound like instant Decemberists classics ("The Bagman's Gambit," "The Infanta," "Sixteen Military Wives"), and of course, not one, but two sea shanties chockful of accordion tailor-made for the next sailor's ball. I always find it interesting how high Colin Meloy's vocals are mixed on Decemberists records....you can really digest all of the lyrics on the first take.

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Blogger Phil said...

even though this makes the first half a bit shorter in length, i think the second half of Lullabies starts with "I Never Came" as the first half is so uptempo poppish and after that, the album gets darker with longer songs. Plus On the artwork, they divide the song list in half after "Little Sister"...whereever it divides, it rocks.

9:35 AM

Blogger dave said...

I could see that. The album has 14 songs, so while I'm hesitant to call "I Never Came" the 'centerpiece', it does seem to be the axis on which the album spins. Easily one of the album's best tracks IMO. Homme does the sinister, slowburning thing really well.

10:47 AM

Blogger Phil said...

Doesn't "I Never Came" sound like a cross between "Honky Tonk Woman"'s beat and the opening guitar riff to one of the recent Red Hot Chili Pepper singles?

11:34 AM

Blogger dave said...

Honky Tonk Women yeah, but I dunno about RHCP. The only "recent" RHCP single which comes to mind is "By the Way," and that doesn't sound so much like the QOTSA tune as Interpol's "Obstacle 1."

4:22 PM


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