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Sunday, March 20, 2005

March sadness.

They say a fool and his money are soon parted. I'm forced to agree, if only because the words "new" and "Woody Allen movie" have been synonomous with "shit" for the past six years or so, and I still went and saw Melinda and Melinda this weekend. It was better than Curse of the Jade Scorpion, but my roommate tells me that Meteora is a 'way better' record than Hybrid Theory too. Oh, to have been living in NYC back when the Woodman was as consistent as these guys.

The Mets homepage would lead me to believe that this afternoon's game was interesting as spring games go, but I still couldn't watch it due to the Time/Warner, Cablevision impasse. So long as they've kissed and made up by opening day, I won't complain too much. I think I will be forced to complain about the Jason Phillips for Kaz Ishii deal though. In addition to the inherent difficulties of having two guys on one team named Kaz, Phillips had seriously gotten his act together this spring, was equally adept at playing 1b or catcher, and caught virtually every game Tom Glavine pitched in 2004. Ishii will be a serviceable 5th starter, and puts up reasonable workhorse numbers, but I still don't think the Mets are putting nearly enough faith in Matt Ginter, and correct me if I'm wrong...but doesn't this mean that after Mikey goes down in the first week of the season, our savior is a career .212 hitter who once had troubles with Johnny Law for spousal abuse?

Pour a little for the Connecticut Huskies, who capped off a very up and down season with an embarrasing defeat at the hands of N.C. State. Having spent his formative years living in Connecticut, this blogger is bummed at seeing the Huskies get knocked out this soon, only if because up until a few years ago , they were the closest thing that CT natives had to a full blown professional sports team (pour a little for The Whalers too). Granted, it's not like UCONN didn't win it all last year, but living in Connecticut is boring, and Husky-mania always gives those in the Nutmeg state a little something to be excited about come March. Not so much this time around.

A crazy work schedule kept me from writing anything about the Doves concert last week, and Brooklyn Vegan has already included a fine page that compiles reviews from just about everyone I attended the show with, so I'm not going to say much about it now, except that it was very good and I agree with most of what's already been said. Regarding the Magic Numbers though...my only exposure to them prior to the Doves gig was via their vocalizing on the latest Chemical Brothers disc, and based off of their voices alone, I did not expect them to look like the considerably furry hippies they are (I'd provide a website, but you try googling 'magic numbers' with any degree of success). They were all excellent musicians and singers (especially the bass player...super tight!), but in terms of schmaltz....let's just say they make Belle and Sebastian sound like Fugazi. Hope you have a high tolerance for songs about love!

Decemberists, Queens of the Stone Age, M.I.A., and the Yo La best of all coming out this Tuesday = me eating lots of ramen noodles Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Cheers.


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