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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Of Baseball and Indie Rock....

It's considerably crappy outside in NYC, but I'm assuming the temperatures in Port St. Lucie, Florida are far cheerier. At any rate, the Mets open up their "Grapefruit League" exhibition games tomorrow afternoon against the team formerly known as the Montreal Expos. I'll be at work, but I'd be watching at least the first three innings if I was home. I find that even the most diehard baseball fans (including myself) have a difficult time making it through more than 3 innings of an exhibition game (on tv anyway). The marquee guys play maybe the first two....and then you're stuck with the guys with the nameless uniforms numbered 79, 63, 87 and the like. 'Now playing 1st....number 95'

Regarding the musical portion of this post, I'm sure this will be old news to many, but for some reason it only dawned on me this morning on the subway that the Yo La Tengo song "Moby Octopad" is mostly about falling asleep on the couch with the Mets on. YLT never prints their lyrics, and the groovy whispers of the tune focus more on atmosphere than lyrical substance. However, its clearly audible that the chorus begins with "8 oclock the lights are on at Shea" and ends with "Huskey makes the turn and heads for home." I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One was released in 1997; Butch Huskey was the Mets starting first baseman in 1996 (and 1997).

It's no secret that Georgia Hubley and Ira Kaplan are hardcore Mets fans. With this in mind, I was a little disappointed when Georgia asked me whose number I had on when I was wearing a Leiter jersey at their Hanukah shows this past December. But when I mentioned it was Leiter, who had just signed with the Marlins, she completely redeemed herself by immediately saying- "ah. fuck him." More proof that this is Yo La Tengo's world. We're just fortunate enough to live in it.


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