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Friday, March 18, 2005

Say it ain't so....

As was basically expected based off of the acquisition of Miguel Cairo and surprisingly able backup shortstop Chris Woodward, the Mets went and released Joe McEwing yesterday. "Super" Joe was a fan favorite based off of his drive, can-do attitude, and ability to play a bunch of positions, if not his bat. Sort like Rudy at Notre Dame, McEwing had the heart and soul, if not the stats. Despite batting something like .450 against Randy Johnson, Mets fans couldn't help but groan when the man stepped to the bat, if only because the man was a light-hitter. And just when he started to get a bunch of playing time last year, and improve his stats, his season was ended on a take-out slide by some rookie punk on Colorado. At least the Mets let him have two weeks before the start of the season to find a new home. Like Old Yeller in the backyard, SoF views this Mets move as bittersweet, but necessary, and for the best.

As an aside....couldn't resist anymore and found a copy of Sleater-Kinney's The Woods yesterday. It's supposed to be a noisy record, but supposedly the "official word from Sub Pop" was that the version I was hearing was unmastered. I question this slightly, if only because many folks have said that so-called "official" versions of the record also appear unmastered, but that's what the band was going for. But there's "noisy" and there's "sounds like Bleach-era Nirvana demos with Jason Everman" noisy. This copy of The Woods is the latter, and I can't believe that the band, or Friddman, would've have rubber stamped the record sounding like that. I listened once and took it off the drive. Cheers.


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