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Monday, April 18, 2005

Burn, Baby, Burn....

No sooner do I get home from seeing Ash at the Bowery than I learn that despite staging a now all too typical late inning rally capped by a Cliff Floyd jack, the Mets lost to the Phillies 5-4. Kaz Ishii walked 6 batters, and at one point supposedly threw 11 balls out of the strike zone in a row, but most half-way decent teams can overcome 5 runs. When was the last time the Mets got more than 5 runs? Methinks the home opener. Could be wrong. Kinda sad.

Ash played a very solid set of their high octane power pop; consisting mostly tracks off of their relatively recent (new in the U.S., 10 months old in the U.K.) disc Meltdown, plus the expected U.K. hits (e.g. "Burn Baby Burn," "Shining Light," "Girl From Mars" etc.). While peppy frontman/eternal teenager Tim Wheeler is a suitably energetic frontman, it's lead guitarist Charlotte Hatherly who steals the show, partly because she gets to play the best riffs, mostly because she's hot...especially when her bangs get in her eyes. The venue was only about half full for Ash's set, which is unsurprising considering how incredibly poorly they've been marketed in the U.S., but still unfortunate because their best songs are tailor-made for losing your shit. I'm sure the U.K. audiences give them the enthusiasm they deserve, but not so much here.

NYC whipping boys/New York Magazine subjects du jour The Bravery performed after Ash, but I didn't see 'em. Although I was more than a little curious to see if they were really as awful as purist Brandon Flowers would lead you to believe, I wasn't about to find out at 11 o'clock on a school night. And this is from someone who thinks that "Honest Mistake" and "Fearless" are actually somewhat decent little tunes.

Oh yeah, the Mets lost yesterday too, at the hands of Florida hard thrower and Beavis look alike A.J. Burnett. I only mention this because Dave O'Brien spent several minutes in the booth discussing how Burnett is unique amongst ball players in that he has a variety of body piercings (O'Brien knows this how?) and his favorite band is Marilyn Manson. So much so that while lesser players label their bats with either their own, or female names, Burnett's bat really and truly says Marilyn Manson on it. He has another bat labelled Zombie (maybe in reference to White Zombie? Quit livin' in 1996, dude). Granted, Marilyn Manson probably does come off as fairly revolutionary in the clubhouse boombox among the more common likes of 50 Cent and Toby Keith, but somehow I can't help but think we need The Spaceman now more than ever.

Likes Marilyn Manson, fastball hits 98 on the gun.


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