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Monday, April 04, 2005

Dead-ly Widsom

We here at SoF have two passions, that of music, and that of (Mets) baseball. We're also not ashamed to admit that we like the Dead. With that in mind, I direct the reader to this long celebrated short essay about the similarities between Dead shows and baseball games by David Gans, longtime host of the nationally syndicated Grateful Dead Hour. His contributions to the Dead community over the years can allow me to look past the fact that when I got a chance to interview him back in college, he was less than nice (I had to pay for the long distance call to Oakland, CA too).

While I'm reluctant to beat a dead horse, if this afternoon's Mets game was a Grateful Dead show, it'd have been a gig from the summer of '85; known for otherwise good shows ( by 80's Dead standards anyway) that were often completely derailed at the end by the band's frequent decision to encore with "Day Job," a horrendous short lived pop tune that was thankfully retired by '87. Yeah.


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