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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Didn't see this comin....(yeah right)

It's like the late Michael Hutchence once quipped, "sometimes you kick, sometimes you get kicked." The Aaron Heilman that the NL East knows and loves made an unsurprising return to form in the Mets' 9-2 whupping at the hands of the Fish a few hours ago. Heilman is an incredibly frustrating pitcher to watch in that flashes of brilliance are simply marred by his utter inability to keep the ball down. When he keeps it low and movin', he's unhittable. But nearly every fifth pitch simply dies in the heart of the strike zone. I feel like I could hit those pitches. If nothing else, he did make Carlos Delgado look like the bitch that he is on more than one occasion.
While I think it's certainly possible that Josh Beckett peaked early, when he's on, it's like watching Eric Gagne reborn as a starter (I realize the latter began as a starter....but you know what I mean). 96 mph fastballs chased by 74 mph curves on the corners. Gets plenty wild from time to time, but most of the time....yikes.

Even more depressing is that due to the continuance of the Time/Warner blackout, I was forced to watch the game at Reservoir at 11th and University. Common sense dictates I can't hit the bar every night, and between last night's romp and tomorrow's Pedro action, methinks I picked the wrong night. Reservoir is actually a decent place to catch a game. It's not a Mets bar, but it's not not a Mets bar, lots of tvs, and the jukebox is packed with bands that I never listen to anymore, but get a kick out of hearing because I loved them sophomore year of high school (e.g. Blues Traveller, Black Crowes). And it gets me nostalgic because it's right around the corner from my law school alma matter. But regarding the Time/Warner, Cablevision debacle....don't these people (esp. Jimmy Dolan) fear hell?

First Impressions on highly awaited new singles from big bands-

White Stripes - "Blue Orchid" - Sounds a lot like DFA1979. Not the monster "Seven Nation Army" was, but still pretty bad ass once you get used to Jack White's falsetto.

(quick interruption based on the television...is it just me, or should VH1 Classic be renamed to 'endless stream of mid-80's Depeche Mode videos?')

Coldplay - "Speed of Sound" - "Clocks" part-deux, only happy. Pretty decent nonetheless. Safe as milk choice for a first single.

Springsteen - "Devils and Dust" - Not even sure if this is the first single or not. Starts mellow, builds big. Good enough, but kind of melodramatic, even for him. I thought Brendan "super AOR sheen" O'Brien's production nearly ruined his last record, and the production unfortunately sounds wholly similar here.

(television interruption...the Stop Making Sense version of "This Must be the Place (naive melody)" on VH1 Classic. Nice. Maybe it's not all DM videos. UPDATE- now the B 52's "Legal Tender" is on. sweet.).

That's all for now....


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