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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Long time, no posts.

Last week was a bit of a wash for SoF....which I blame on another intense workweek, and the fact that I was sick for at least half of that workweek (bit did I stay home? hell no).

Mets baseball officially kicks into high gear tomorrow, and for now it looks like angry New Yorkers will have no choice but to listen to it on the radio. It goes without saying that this is seriously fucked up. I was hoping that tomorrow's game just might have been carried on ESPN so I could tape it, but such does not appear to be the case for New Yorkers. Looks like I'm taking a long-ass lunch break at 2:15 to enjoy the satellite dish at the TGIFridays near my work tomorrow. Mmmm....overpriced Cobb Salad....

Jason at the ever reliable Always Amazin' has some thoughts about who the Mets opted to keep on the active roster, and I agree with more or less everything he says. Unless there's something I'm blissfully unaware of, holding onto Felix Heredia while shipping Matt Ginter to Detroit seems like a horrific idea, and 3 lefties in the BP strikes me as excessive. When Heredia gets battered like cod fish, hopefully Wille/Rick will realize that Heath Bell is merely a phone call away. I too would rather see Victor Diaz warm the bench than Marlon Anderson, but I'm guessing he'll get his swings in sooner than later.

Music wise, one band that's been in extremely heavy iPod rotation as of late is these four dudes from Greensboro, NC calling themselves TigerBearWolf. I don't deny that this is a really stupid name for a band, but like the carnivorous animals that comprise their namesake, this record is completely ferocious. Think of Fugazi on a serious Deep Purple kick, or At the Drive-In reborn as a biker band. Maybe neither of those descriptions sounds overly appealing, but let it be said that the album rocks with a purity unlike any I've heard in quite some time. Credit is due to Amir Nezar, a fellow CMG writer responsible for turning us all on to the band. His review of the disc features some MP3s for download, and can be read here. These guys play the Knit a week from Tuesday, but I think I might wait for the hopefully inevitable Mercury Lounge gig, only because I've come to find that I'm usually far too tired to enjoy Tuesday night shows from bands that aren't named Yo La Tengo, or Sleater-Kinney.


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