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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sheff's a bitch.

Right now the Baseball Tonight gods are praising Gary Sheffield for his "restraint" in only taking a single violent swipe at a drunken BoSox fan in right field who may have been reaching for the ball, or for Sheff's dome. Hard to tell. Actions after the swipe included a weak throw to the infield, followed by Sheffield getting up in the dude's face, and said dude getting rightfully ejected. The right field wall in Fenway is close enough to the field that drunken fans can do these sort of things. BoSox won by the way, beating Randy Johnson 8-5.

I will always be of the belief that barring an extreme situation; such as the ugly KC Royals incident from two years ago or say, when a solitary fan literally charged the mound against this former Met, part of being a professional athlete means realizing that you make far too much money to take out your frustrations on fans. Drunken fans can be assholes. Suck it up and show a little restraint. The 'heat of the moment' argument always rings hollow to these ears. Sheffield's brief outburst will probably only get him a slap on the wrist, and wasn't nearly as heinous as Artest-gate or that chair throwing incident with the Texas Rangers last year, but he's still a bitch.

The only reason that I mentioned the Sheff thing before discussing the Mets' 4th win in a row, is that the Amazin's game was kinda boring. This could be because I was forced to listen to it on internet radio, but seldom has one team done so much with so little. Hardly any of their 4 runs were the result of balls leaving the infield, but rather Jose Reyes's killer speed, poor Astros fielding, and Johnny Franco's complete inability to keep his former team from scoring on him. Should have bowed out gracefully, dude. Whatever. A win is a win, though a little long ball action would be welcome. Expect a loss tomorrow night (Heilman). And oh yeah, Mikey still sucks.

Saturday ought to be a motherfucker....2 dollar tickets for Pedro/Leiter at 1:00 and then Thurston/Kim at 7:00. Better stock up on Red Bull.

Am I wrong for thinking that "Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare All)" by Type-O Negative (Brooklyn stand up!) is one of the greatest goth-metal songs ever?

Quit hatin' on me, Dave.


Blogger Phil said...

"Black No 1" is a great song, as is "Christian Woman" about a chick with a Jebus fetish. The cover of the album that has both of those songs, Bloody Kisses, is one of the best album covers of all time.

11:31 AM

Blogger rajeev said...

now that i've finally seen a clip of this - it's impossible to think that the guy was reaching for the ball. (unless he was severely lacking in depth perception.)

sheff's single push back was fine IMO, he had no way of knowing if the guy was going to continue to keep swinging at him. if sheff didn't stop there, it'd be a problem ... but he did, and i think his actions are completely defendable. (and his NYY affiliation has nothing to do with my opinion.)

12:46 PM

Blogger dave said...

In hindsight, Sheff's actions were pretty reasonable considering what happened. I still don't like the guy, but I'll give credit where it's due. Their rotation hasn't been able pitch their way out of a paper bag as of late, but I assume that will change.

"Bloody Kisses" does have an excellent album cover. Even better is the self-explanatory cover for their second record "Origin of the Feces", but the record company made them change it awhile ago, and now the original is very hard to find.

3:02 PM

Blogger dave said...

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3:05 PM


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