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Friday, May 27, 2005


So The Woods finally hit shelves fo' real this week, and a solid majority of the reviews have been rather complimentary, as it should be. I stick by my 94. Of the negative reviews, one was more or less conservative whining from a fan who fears anything resembling change, while Anthony Miccio's review over at Stylus was borderline irresponsible. Sorry, but I feel strongly about this band, and when somebody references Creed in a Sleater-Kinney review and then proceeds to lash out at the band for leaking the album four months in advance and then asking folks not to listen to it minus the artwork(as if this was under their control at all), I get annoyed. The Woods also has nothing whatsoever to do with that last dying grasp at relevancy known as St. Anger. Miccio liked the new Stephen Malkmus, and now I feel dirty for liking it too.

Holy shit, did the Mets just win back to back games against a first place team? Last night they did it with twelve runs, this night, just one. Pedro Martinez pitched another typically fantastic, 10 strikeout game, and he actually got a fully deserved win for once, if no real run support. One run courtesy of a Cliff Floyd double was enough, and Braden Looper got a shockingly sweat-free 1-2-3 save. The Braves lost tonight too. After the unabated hell of being a Mets fan earlier this week, the Amazin's are still only 3 games out. Crazy. This is why I love baseball, even if rooting for the Mets is far more stressful/Job-like than it has any right to be.

And speaking of crazy, it still really, really sucks to be a Cubs fan right now. Does any major league starting pitcher have worse luck than Mark Prior (and against the Rockies no less)? What kinds of ladders does this guy walk under on his way to the ballpark? One can only hope that Mr. Rusch has finally come into his own as a reliable #3 starter (yikes).

I can see definitely see this band Art Brut having a bit of a Franz Ferdinand-type year in 2005. They're British, catchy, and cheeky as all hell. Their debut album Bang Bang Rock and Roll reminds me a lot of The Buzzcocks and early Violent Femmes; simplistic, extremely catchy, and actually quite hilarious. It's been ages since a rock album had me laughing out loud on the subway, but hearing "Good Weekend" for the first time made me do just that, to the curiosity of all passerby. The song where the lead singer brags about "sipping Hennesey with Morrisey" is a little lame, but the (relatively) old single "Formed a Band" is still ace, even with cleaned up sound.

I have to go to a wedding on Sunday. This is the first 3-day weekend I've had all year, and the last until the 4th of July. I work really hard. What inconsiderate moron schedules a wedding on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend?


Anonymous anna said...

I love your S-K review! that's a great one. astute and smart and well-considered.

4:41 PM

Blogger rajeev said...

hey "moving to LA" is great! though "emily kane" and "modern art" are probably my favorites. (both also old art brut singles, i believe.)

liking the new SM record isn't dirty, it's just honest.

5:47 PM

Blogger dave said...

"Modern art makes me wanna rock out!" What's surprising about the Art Brut record is how genuinely funny it is. The lead singer has a great ear for cheeky humor. Bummer about yr Yanks today.

5:59 PM

Blogger rajeev said...

what's equally surprising is that it stays funny. i wasn't sure if it would have much sustain, but so far it has.

the nice thing about losing that badly is that it all counts the same. as long as we can win tonight, we still pick up a game on them in the standings.

6:53 PM


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