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Sunday, May 22, 2005

"I Spent a Sunday Wastin...."

The only thing more utterly infuriating than watching the Mets' young infield completely waste a typically excellent Pedro Martinez start againt the Yankees? Utterly horrendous managerial decisions to follow-up said infield gaffes. Decisions like pitching to Hideki Matsui with two outs, an open base, and old man Williams, batting .233, on deck. A frustrating, and all too predictable end to the first Subway series....made even more so by the fact that it looks like the first place Marlins are surprising no one by sweeping the powerhouse known as Tampa Bay. Meh.

At least Boston has seemingly managed to take advantage of Atlanta's now awful bullpen. Equally awful? Listening to Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren call the game on TBS. Seriously.... does Pete check for evidence of Skip's pulse between innings? I realize that Skip's been doing this thing for thirty years and his late father is the legendary Cubs announcer, but Skippy makes Ralph Kiner sound like Howie Rose. Soundwise, this is like watching bowling. Which is not to say I'd still rather hear either of the TBS guys every day for the rest of my life versus three hours of Tom Seaver (if not Fran Healy). Matt Clement's sinker is nasty through 8.

So yeah, a Sunday afternoon Mets loss that shouldn't have been such is demoralizing...but beat the Braves and Marlins next week, and all's forgiven.

(And to all Belle and Sebastian fans who may have been insulted, I'm well aware that the title of this post is not the actual lyric of that song)

Stereogum just drew my attention to a blog where someone is keeping track of their progress in studying for the July 2005 California Bar Exam. Fun blog, and a neat idea that I can sympathize with because I did the exact same thing last summer, only for New York. The California Bar Exam is arguably the hardest in the country....methinks that blog will have fewer and fewer posts as July approaches (or at least it ought to!). Good luck. Get it right the first time!


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