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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mother Nature's a bitch

It's ten minutes past midnight, and the Mets just beat the Phillies 10 minutes ago 5-1 on the strength of another very solid Pedro start, a 4-5 Reyes performance, and most importantly, what Howie Rose told me was a towering 3 run HR from Carlos Beltran. Cliff "arguably the hottest hitter in all of baseball right now," (Rose's words, not mine) continued to be just that, going 2 for 4 with a stolen base and increasing his hitting streak to what I believe is 18 games. Huzzah!

I'm unquestionably a little biased, but I have very little negative to say about the WFAN radio duo of Gary Cohen and Howie Rose. Especially the latter, who also happens to be a rabid Beatles collector, and whose call of Todd Zeile's second HR in last year's Mets/Phils game on June 2nd (the one where Zeile tied it with a HR and hit another in his next at bat) was arguably the finest display of unbridled enthusiasm/fandom that I've heard on a radio broadcast. And he calls a hell of an Islanders game too.

Notice how I said ten minutes past midnight. This was either the slowest nine inning game ever, or one severely delayed by rain. The over two hour rain delay, plus the winds and 45 degree weather, was enough to send my freezing ass back home on the 7- train before this game got underway. My seats were directly behind home plate (upper deck though), and I always relish me a Pedro start, but not at the expense of being as incredibly uncomfortable as I'm guessing most of the crowd was at this game. Inclement weather didn't stop me from blowing 12 bucks on a beer and a sausage though....

I'll never consider myself to be a rabid Weezer fan. I own all of their records, and like everybody else, would easily place Pinkerton among my favorite albums from the latter half of the 90's, but I never collected Weezer singles or adorned my college dorm room with a gigantic blue flashing "W" like some dudes I knew at Rutgers. It's unquestionable that neither the Green Album nor Maladroit come close to being as solid as the first two Weezer records, but I never sold them back, nor would I refer to them as being offensive.

I've heard the leak about a half dozen times at this point, and must say that Make Believe is the first Weezer record to be so utterly horrendous that I would place it into the "offensive" category. It's predictable as all hell, and even more annoying. Song 3 ("This is Such a Pity"...that's the actual title) makes me physically ill, and if fans thought that "Beverly Hills" was a crap single (which it is), second single "We Are All On Drugs" will have them jumping off of a bridge. I'm guessing that Make Believe will get 4 stars in Rolling Stone, and hopefully the shit reviews it deserves from everybody else. Cuomo should've called it quits after Pinkerton.


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