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Friday, May 20, 2005


Watching Subway Series baseball while munching on Lucky Burger and drinking Miller Lite causes people to do strange things....like spend $6.99 on iTunes purchasing Steppenwolf's Greatest Hits for example. "Born to Be Wild," "Magic Carpet Ride," "The Pusher," and "Don't Step on the Grass Sam" are all kick ass biker songs, and there's probably at least 3 decent songs from the remaining 12, so $6.99 seemed like a deal. The Mets lost this matchup; mostly on their inability to cash in with runners on base, and some horrendous fielding gaffes. Kaz Matsui must spend his time off the field walking under ladders. Even when he starts to come out of his slump, and crushes an RBI double to left-center, he still finds the time to blow an easy inning ending double play that lead to two Yankee runs. Going tomorrow, followed by U2 at night. That's what I call a Saturday.

Right now, what sounds like a vinyl rip of the upcoming White Stripes record Get Behind Me Satan is playing on ye old iPod speakers. This sounds way more like the Stones' Beggars Banquet than it should have any right to. Lots of piano and marimba. No duds on tracks 1-7...color me impressed so far.

My promo copy of Sleater-Kinney's The Woods showed up in the mail yesterday. Check for my CMG review of same next week. Getting promo packets in the mail is always fun because the label tries really hard to sell the band to folks like Entertainment Weekly writers and college radio programmers in the Midwest, so in addition to the usual label fawning, The Woods pack comes with a 4 page essay from Rick Moody as to why the band kicks so much ass. Very nice, but take a cue from the Joe Perry Project and "let the music do the talkin'." I'm not going to waste too much space here to explain why The Woods is the greatest rock album to hit shelves since...uh, the last Sleater-Kinney album because I can do that on Cokemachine. But the girlfriend was stone faced serious when she thought my speakers were busted 3 seconds into the first song. ROCK!

Way sleepy. Check back at some point for a U2 breakdown!


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