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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Go West Young Men.....

Regarding the Oakland pitchers that page 86 of this morning's NY Post states are going against the Mets this week....huh? Joe Blanton (1-6, 6.13), Ryan Glynn (0-2, 5.73) and Danny Haren (4-7, 4.28)? Who the heck are these guys? Haren I'm vaguely familiar with b/c he was on the Cardinals last year and bears a striking resemblance to a Licensed to Ill-era MCA, but the other dudes? We have come a long way from the BIG THREE of 2002-2004. I'm actually sort of surprised that Minaya never pulled the trigger on something resembling a 'Heilman + prospects' for Barry Zito swap (who reunited with Peterson would certainly be preferable to every other lefty on staff), but maybe that was never even on the table. Who knows. Oakland sucks, and yet I'm still guessing that tonight's pitching performance may prove to be one of the finest of Joe Blanton's young career; going on the Amazin's predilection for turning crappy teams' #4 starters into Cy Young candidates for an evening. We'll see. I enjoy watching 10 PM games for some reason...maybe because I was never allowed to stay up for them in the 1980's.

Amazin's aside, I've been finding that the first half of 2005 has been rather fruitful so far as mindless, British power-pop singles have been concerned. First there was The Kaiser Chiefs "I Predict a Riot" (great tune, average parent album), any number of songs off of Art Brut's Bang, Bang, Rock and Roll, and for the first time yesterday I heard "Apply Some Pressure" from Maximo Park, and that too is an incredibly catchy slice of Brit power-pop, sounding like a herkier-jerkier Futureheads with some screechy, Sister Ray-esque, organ for good measure. I guess I'm supposed to be completely sick of these "fake Gang of Four" (a Brownstein phrase) bands by now, but that Maximo Park tune is quite the pleasure. I've listened to the rest of the album once through, and while only "Grafitti" and "Signal and Sign" immediately grabbed me, I was impressed enough with the rest to at least give it some more cursory listens. Indeed.


Blogger rajeev said...

blanton has actually had some pretty great games, just with shitty run support and enough terrible games mixed in to mean his tenure on my fantasy team was short-lived.

12:26 PM

Blogger dave said...

Crappy run support I can accept (e.g. Clemens, Zack Greinke, '04 Glavine), but Blanton's ERA is still over 6, leading me to believe he's only in the rotation b/c, well....Mulder and Hudson no longer are.

2:26 PM

Blogger rajeev said...

it was actually under 3 for most of april and around 3.50 in early may, before the wheels fell off. but either way, yeah, it's unlikely he'd be starting if mulder and hudson were still around.

3:55 PM

Blogger dave said...

p.s. (man, did I call the outcome of this game or what? The more Mets I watch, the more psychic I become apparently....)

12:19 PM


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