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Thursday, June 23, 2005

In a word....luck.

...to describe this past afternoon's Mets/Phils matchup; which ended 30 minutes ago with the Mets ekeing out a 4-3 win. Lucky because Jimmy Rollins botched a sure-fire double play ball that resulted in what ended up being the deciding run. Lucky because Braden Looper found a way to get Bobby Abreu out for the second game straight. And Dougie M. went deep again. Luck's one thing, but credit is also due to Kaz Ishii, who picked up his second win with 6.2 solid innings of 3-run ball. Props to Roberto Hernandez as well; who's finally regained his excellent set-up man form now that he's not being used to '03-'04 Stanton excess. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop all afternoon, and for some reason, it didn't. Carlos Beltran also continues to nearly make up for his ice-cold bat with red hot fielding--his first inning, run-saving, diving snag will likely be on Web Gems tonight...if perhaps in the bottom 5.

A band that gets discussed very seldom on NYC music blogs is Maryland-based, intelligent redneck metallers Clutch. This is because it's not cool to like Maryland-based, intelligent redneck metal. But fuck that. They have a new record out called Robot Hive/Exodus , and it kicks all kinds of ass with a wah-pedal heavy, 70's muscle car vibe. I'd count myself a big fan of these guys based off of their killer live show and stream of excellent '90s records, but I literally had no idea that they had a new record out. This is because their last one, Blast Tyrant, was released just over a year ago, and the last Clutch record (and the one before that) took three years to come out. So color them prolific now. I give major props to any band who've placed a label on their last two records promising "guaranteed rock satisfaction!" Indeed.


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