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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Jigga what?

This evening's Mets/Phils game had the feel of the 2004 season if only because the Mets owned Phillies starter/ZZ Top fanatic Brett Meyers last year, and they did so again tonight; despite the fact that Meyers' ERA is considerably lower than it was in '04. Starter Kris Benson essentially pitched like he did last week against Oakland; just well enough to get a win. He's lucky to have had the run support. T'was nice to see uncharacteristic home runs from light hitting first basemen (Mientkewicz and Daubach), a 2 for 5 spot with two RBIs from Beltran, and a scoreless inning from Royce Ring.

But as little love as I have for the New York baseball empire located in the Bronx...will there be a single more bizzarre game played in any ballpark all season than this? What's more worrisome...that Randy fucking Johnson gave up seven runs and 3 HRs in 3 innings, or that the Devil Rays' bullpen gave up fourteen an equal stretch? Most teams that are winning 10 to 2 in the fifth inning with Scott Proctor on the mound would win, but the D-Rays aren't most teams. Replays on BBTN basically proved what everyone already knows....Lou Pinella is one sadistic mofo; heartily laughing as he humiliated Travis Harper by refusing to take him out of the game as he meekly gave up 9 earned runs in .2 innings. What should have been a game to make any Mets fan smile somehow ended up as one those all too common Yankee drama fests that will likely be shown during rain delays on YES for years to come. Shucks.


Blogger rajeev said...

i don't think he was being particularly sadistic with harper, i think he just figured it wouldn't be quite so hard to get that one last out. (that was his defense to reporters at least, but i buy it.)

10:40 AM


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