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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


It was ridiculously hot last evening. I was in the right field Mezzanine at Shea, and after having rapidly imbibed both a Bud and a sausage, I felt like I was going to vomit. It didn't help that the sun was still out for the first two and a half innings. But Pedro Martinez was on the mound, so the heat and/or nausea was well worth it. There's a reason why Bill "Sports Guy" Simmons once wrote that he would often drive 4 hours to watch this guy pitch for Boston or plan his entire week around his starts....poetry in motion. 2 hits, 12 Ks, and a complete game. It's only fitting that his no-hitter in the 7th was broken up by .217 rookie Chris Burke...another in the long line of no name light hitters to keep the 44-year streak of zero no hitters intact (e.g. Kit Pellow of the Rockies (Glavine) and at one time some no name Rockies starting pitcher who doubled (Trachsel). Regardless, when Pedro is on, the crowd eats it up, creating an energy at Shea not unlike when Doc Gooden was on the mound (and I am old enough to remember what that was like....albeit just barely). Minaya for President.

When did they start serving corndogs and Cuban sandwiches at Shea? 3 bucks for a corndog seems like a bargain compared to 5.75 for sausage and peppers. I think the Cubans were only $4.50....only 50 cents more than a less than delicious Nathan's hot dog. I'm not really feeling the Nathan's switch.....the french fries are better than last year, but Shea had Kahn's hot dogs for soooooo long, and I would have liked to think they would honor that tradition. That said, the way in which the hot dogs are cooked still makes the Nathan's dogs taste the exact same as the Kahn's version. Weird.

Gomez put out a double live album yesterday. I had no idea. Good for them.


Blogger rajeev said...

pedro's performance this year definitely deserves all the praise but you won't get to vote for minaya till '08, when that contract may feel like much more of a drain. most thought he'd be good now, it's the future that scared ppl off.

he is definitely feasting on the thinner NL lineups though. i'm surprised the league-to-league transition doesn't get more attention in general, it seems to play a big role. i gotta think it's a big part of why the big unit has been decidedly average.

10:08 AM

Blogger Emily said...

my 1st ever corndog. it was a night to remember...

12:51 PM

Blogger dave said...

The Big Unit is also seven years older than Pedro and coming off a history of hip injuries. Still, while he hasn't been as lights out as he was in the past, his biggest problem this year is run support. The Yanks are never out of it when he's on the mound....they just can't scratch out the runs (not unlike the Mets this evening....jeeeezus).

12:19 AM


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