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Thursday, June 23, 2005

SoF's Day Off.....

Your friendly blogger took the day off from work today. No real reason exactly....aside from the fact that vacation/personal days had been saved up, the Mets have an afternoon game, and there's that Sleater-Kinney show at night. Just felt like a good time to take a mental health day (and when the Mets lose, the prospect of seeing Sleater-Kinney a few hours later will numb the anger).

Such anger was on display last night while watching Dae-Sung Koo give up a base clearing double to Kenny "what team do I play for again?" Lofton on the tv at Maxwell's while waiting for the Neko-less New Pornographers to come on. I think I flipped the bird to the television and probably embarrased my girlfriend in public. Oh well.

Dr. Dog opened for the Pornos, and they reminded me a little of My Morning Jacket, if every MMJ song was about dreams and they completely fucking sucked. Come to think of it, the only thing they really had in common with MMJ was beards, but I felt like making the comparison anyway (and how cool is it that the first thing you see on MMJ's homepage is a screen shot from Nintendo Ice Hockey?).

The New Pornographers took the stage without Dan Bejar (not surprising) and Neko Case, who according to a Rolling Stone article (which I would post if Blogger wasn't being such a bitch) simply wasn't available? Huh? She's a musician....what the heck else does she have to do? Her replacement was A.C. Newman's niece, who looks like Natalie Portman, and does a decent job with the Neko tunes. She sounds like Neko, and though she lacks stage presence, and can't belt it out like Neko does, she did a good job considering the huge shoes she has to fill. The band wasn't exactly tight, and seemed to race through their set, with minimal stage banter or storytelling; save A.C. Newman's habit of saying "this one's called..." before every song. A little too loud as well. But it was certainly an energetic show, and the majority of the New Pornos back catalog is superior enough to overcome crappy Maxwells sound and the lack of their fiery, redhead chanteuse. The songs from Twin Cinema were very well received as well, and I'm liking that album more by the day. I'll still go see them on Saturday because it's free, and I'm guessing the show will be better outdoors.

Maybe I'll do multiple posts today....might as well.


Blogger jerry yeti said...

Well said. Much more in depth than my lame recap. What is it with the sound at Maxwell's anyway? It's always too loud. I'm sure it sounds great in the waaaay back, at the soundboard, but not for the rest of us.

1:15 PM


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