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Monday, June 06, 2005

Third album = meh.

So I've actually listened to the new Coldplay disc enough at this point to confirm what I had initially thought/feared many months ago; X/Y is the sound of a band trying sooooo hard to remain huge while "expanding their sound," that they forgot to write more than five decent songs. Listen hard enough and you can probably hear the sound of a frustrated Chris Martin angrily cursing out the Pro Tools rig when he can't decide whether or not "Square One" would be better with or without the keyboard squiggles in its first 5 seconds. Nothing, but nothing appears ever so slightly out of place, and the lack of looseness and/or catchy songs robs the band of its strongest trait IMO - warmth. Songs like "Square One," "Twisted Logic" and "Low" serve no purpose other than to simply exist as a springboard for the band to overuse new synthesizers and on the latter, sound like Interpol. The album is not without a few good cuts - "Fix You" and "A Message" will likely prove to be their biggest hits yet, and will unquestionably cause the band to shift several units long after the first week Billboard surge. I like the track that jacks the riff from "Computer World", and the 'hidden' track (hidden how?....it shows up as track 13 on my CD player) "Kingdom Come" is actually quite good because the band sounds loosey-goosey...like "Green Eyes" from the last record.

But that's about it. This thing as a whole is just simply too polished. In an effort to appear "forward thinking" and "futuristic", the majority of X/Y just comes up sounding cold (and don't even get me started on the lyrics). This is coming from someone who completely loved the last record. X/Y just makes me appreciate Sleater-Kinney that much more.


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