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Friday, June 17, 2005

We'll take it.

Webster's Dictionary- "Piazza Jack" - "A meaningless home run hit by the New York Mets starting catcher when his team is either ahead or behind by five runs or more, seldom with runners on base."

That's the way it's been for the past three years or so, but a 9-6 win is still a little nicer than an 8-6 win, and the extra run actually allowed Mets fans to breathe a bit easier during that 3-run Danny Graves meltdown in the 8th. Let's hope it's a sign of things to come.


Blogger rajeev said...

synonymous with "a-rod jack" according to my thesaurus.

7:22 PM

Blogger dave said...

Yeah, basically true, although A-rod has twice as many RBIs as Piazza, so he helps out in other ways. I don't particularly like the guy, but A-Rod's been having a hell of a season. Mikey's just fucking sad....the only other active major leaguer with any Mets association who's more of a shadow of his former self than Piazza is Al Leiter, but he's in the Marlins bullpen now, so its ok.

3:03 PM


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