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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Zambrano In 'Not Awful' Shocker!

Backed by some clutch double plays, an increasingly dangerous Jose Reyes (3 singles, 3 SBs), and a (gasp) clutch Piazza RBI, Victor Zambrano managed to outduel Arizona sinkerballer Brandon Webb, garnering the victory in a 2 to 1 win. I was walking into my apartment right when this game ended; I'm told that Braden Looper's 'save' was considerably Looper-like in that it was far from clean, but this was still a solid win---a fine way to ease into Thursday's Pedro start and a much needed confidence booster for Zambrano. It's not like he was that awful in his past few starts, but at least this game didn't have his trademark '3-run inning' that he seemed to post with alarming consistency.

Man....those Royals put up a fight. Who's gonna lose their job?

On the not so hot side...Miguel Cairo strained a hamstring attempting to beat out a grounder, not unlike this lucky fellow, and is day to day. When the hell did a hamstring become so easy to strain? I played little league for five years and never strained mine....did break two ribs from failing to get out of the way of a fastball though. With the bases loaded. Tie score. We won the game!

And is it just me, or were the Mets really hot on getting Juan Gone on their staff a few years ago? I think at the beginning of the Alomar-era. Looks like they may have actually dodged a bullet for once there.....

I listened to most of the tracks off the new Coldplay disc here. It actually didn't sound half bad, although my tinny laptop speakers were having a hell of a time handling the synth overload on more than a few tracks. I don't hear U2 so much as, well....Coldplay with a heavy synth makeover and some New Order-style drive and propulsion to some of the tracks. "White Shadow" sounded especially good on first listen, and "Square One" packs a punch, and completely rips off the 'Theme from 2001,' in somewhat hilarious fashion. If there is one thing that Chris Martin shares in common with Bono (at least all post Rattle and Hum Bono), it's his penchant for utterly silly, rhyming lyrics that are laughable outside of the context of a hockey stadium, but will somehow probably sound really good within those same stadiums. Early verdict: not exactly OK Computer, or even War, but not awful, and fortunately not a facsimile of their last two records.

What the hell.....VH1 Classic just showed the first 45 seconds of Echo and the Bunnymen's "Never Stop," rudely cut to a commercial, and then played some weak-ass Style Council song, but tagged it as being the Echo tune. Weird. Now the Soup Dragons are on! Love me, hold me!


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