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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Back from the dead.....

According to Blogger, SoF hasn't been updated since the 4th of July. That's seriously uncool, and I apologize. Blame it on crazy work hours, the fact that I can't really do this at work, and a general lack of time to simply sit down in front of the computer and type (and when I do get that time, it usually ends up being funnelled into CMG.

Speaking of Cokemachine, the other writers' tendencies to locate album leaks online, coupled with my general lack of self control, has resulted in me recently hearing several albums that are scheduled to be released in September, and all of which I would have waited for the release date with baited breath were this 5 years ago. Upcoming discs from the Super Furry Animals, My Morning Jacket, Dandy Warhols, and The New Pornographers have all somehow ended up on my hard drive, and while I'm not exactly complaining, it's sort of a sad reality that the excitement stemming from feverishly anticipated Tuesday release dates doesn't really exist anymore. I can tell you with absolute certainty that both Pearl Jam's VS. and Rush's Counterparts were both released on Tuesday, October 19th, 1993 because that day was amongst the most awaited in my young life. Fortunately, at least three of the four aforementioned albums are unsurprisingly fantastic--the jury's still out on the Dandy's record because at first blush it sounds way too similar to their older material (i.e. lots of "Boys Better" re-writes).

It's been awhile since I've had a quiet evening at home where the Mets actually won a game. Chris Woodward may look like a martian when he removes his batting helmet, but homeboy has been nothing if not clutch. Kris Benson also had another excellent outing, essentially cementing himself as the team's true #2 starter, but still got an ND due to the fact that game wasn't decided until the 12th.

Apologies for the short post (I'm exhausted), and apologies for the lack of content for the past two weeks.


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