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Monday, August 08, 2005

Five Reasons why TigerBearWolf kick ass....

5. Shirtless drummer
4. Vintage "Orange" stacks like Dead Meadow use
3. No nonsense guitars - Gibson SG in one stack, Les Paul in the other
2. Play to 18 people at the Lit Lounge (16 of which are friends of the band) like it's 30,000 at MSG
1. Uncanny ability to simply bring it in a live setting; proving that they actually have the chops to back up the guitar pyrotechnics on their debut record.

The next time they're going to be in town is for a Hello Sir! Records label showcase at CMJ. If you like the RAWK, you must go. That gig will also feature We Versus the Shark and Maserati, both of whom also kick ass. Hello Sir is a label to watch, and TBW's album is still the best rock album I've heard this year next to The Woods.


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