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Sunday, August 07, 2005


So after a dis-heartening (if offense heavy) series with the Brew Crew, the Amazins' turn around and sweep the increasingly pathetic Cubs (although not as pathetic as this douche thinks San Francisco is). I was at Saturday's game, sitting in field level seats that the scalper claimed were "right on top of the Cubs dugout man!!!" They were actually about 15 rows behind said dugout, but a good time was had because Jae Seo pitched a hell of a game, and the bullpen didn't choke. Why the former was left to languish in AAA for so long while Kaz Ishii racked up nine losses and an ERA over 5.00 is a mystery, but managing a pitching staff doesn't exactly appear to be Willie's forte (evidenced by the considerable overuse of Bert last week when fresh arms were rearing to go). It was announced at the game yesterday that it was Victor Zambrano's birthday. Mets fans didn't so much boo as simply ignore the announcement altogether. One excellent game might not entirely redeem him in the eyes of Mets fans (esp. because he's the ugliest member of the piching staff by a country mile), but it helps. Then again, it just may be a testament to the sheer awfulness of the Cubbies' bats. Did Derek Lee reach base at all these past two games? Me thinks not.

TigerBearWolf are an amazingly kick-ass rock band from Greensboro, NC who are playing the Lit Lounge on 2nd Ave. tomorrow night, August 8th. 5 bucks, and two other probably shitty bands. TigerBearWolf are not one of these. Their debut record is among the most solid pure rock albums I've heard this year, and the live show purports to be extremely intense (for more proof, Amir at CMG posted a fine review of their album a few months back, as did Stylus). If Fugazi crossed with 70's AOR blooze sounds like your thing (and it ought to be), then you should go. I'll be the only guy there who knows any of the lyrics. Trust me on this one. I would not go to the scary, over-hipsterfied dungeon known as the Lit Lounge on a Monday night if I wasn't serious about the talent.


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