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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So I Lied.....

....when I said that I'd make more effort to keep this blog from being an orphan. Cut me some slack....I just started a new job, the gfriend moved in, and playoff baseball is upon us. SoF isn't the highest of priorities now unfortunately, and I still have more fun writing for CMG anyhow.

But chances are I'm not going to write about the new Ladytron record Witching Hour for Cokemachine, so I'll just use this space to tell all y'all how surprisingly fantastic I've found it to be. Part of a CD buying binge that also found me kicking down for the new My Morning Jacket (great), Beta Band Hits/Live record (great reminder of why they still rule), and Franz Ferdinand (grew on me, but still a sophomore slump), Witching Hour essentially puts to rest the theory that Ladytron are little more than a hot singles band. Of course the singles "Destroy Everything Your Touch" and "Sugar" are both extremely catchy and sexy, but they're no longer the only reason to tune in. The band has finally learned how to correctly utilize guitars, the production is very full, and the result is an excellent album that I wouldn't have imagined myself enjoying (let alone buying) a month ago. The group's trademark hypnotic vocalizing and synth-driven basslines remain, but everything else is taken up a notch.

This just in. The California Angels just got majorly fucked. Halos set-up man Kelvim Escobar strikes out A.J. Pierzynski on a splitter that was clearly caught by catcher Josh Paul. Paul flips the ball back to the mound and the Angels head to the dug out. Three outs. Except that for some reason the home plate umpire claims that the ball hit the ground, and Pierzynski trotted to first base. Ruled as a strikeout and an error, greatly despite the fact that the ball was caught, and the umpire even seemed to punch the batter out. So instead of heading to the top of the tenth inning tied at 1-1, a pinch runner steals second and Joe Crede doubles him home for the win. Like I said, the Angels got fucked. And I would rather see the Angels get to the WS than the Sox, only if because they dispatched the Yankees. I'd like to see the Astros win it all because Bagwell and Biggio deserve to, and Brad Ausmus went to my high school.